Femdom novels

The Spanking Mistress Trilogy
Three spanking novels in one volume featuring the Kinky Headmistress.
The Kinky Trilogy
Three femdom novels in one 'kinky' volume; includes some 'nooseplay'.
Femdom Trilogy
Three BDSM and femdom full-length novels in one bumper volume.
The Caning Mistress
The Kinky Headmistress's secret life is discovered by one of her pupils.
The Whipping Mistress
The Kinky Headmistress, her daughter and granddaughter, spanking.
The Flogging Mistress
The Kinky Headmistress meets her match in a woman even kinkier.
The Kinky Detective
Sexton Darke, a detective, is accused of the murder of Honey Von Trapp.
The Kinky Lawyer
Sadie, a young lawyer, is caught up the world of sex parties and Soviet spies.
The Kinky Librarian
A female librarian finds 'spanking' books belonging to her male assistant.
Femdom Fascist
The year is 1922. An Englishman is kidnapped in Europe by female fascists.
Femdom Whips the White Slavers
The year is 1952. Two English girls are kidnapped in Paris by white Slavers.
TFemdom Mistress
A bridegroom and his best man visit a dominatrix's dungeon on a stag night.
Femmdom Widow
Two dominant women, living together, capture a Peeping Tom.
Femdom Fiction
A young man and his aunt. A young girl and her aunt.

BDSM novellas

BDSM Friends
Two girls are caught shoplifting by the lesbian shopkeeper and her son.
BDSM Pupil
A schoolgirl spanks her tutor when she discovers his 'spanking' books.

Rare flagellation classics

Femdom Trilogy
A sadistic Colonel abducts and spanks an aristocratic young woman.
The Kinky Trilogy
A female serf's rise from submissive 'rags' to dominant 'riches'.
Ophelia Cox
A girl is enticed into a Victorian brothel and learns how to spank.

Free spanking eBooks (click cover to download)

Astrid Cane
Victorian-era flagellation. An aristocratic young woman is spanked and taught how to spank.
The Way of a Man with a Maid
Victorian-era sado-masochism. Ladies are abducted by a 'Man-about-town'.
Frank and I
Victorian-era flagellation. A well-to-do bachelor discovers the pleasure of spanking female bottoms.
The Memoirs of Dolly Morton
The classic spanking novel of the American civil war.
A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen
Banned in 1924. A Guide for women on how to discipline a male.